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◆  News:    VOA, 1-6-2021: China Is Increasing Taiwan Airspace Incursions Newsweek, 1-6-2021:  China Wages Cognitive Warfare To Topple Taiwan Government   WSJ, 12-28-2020: The loss of democratic Taiwan’s independence against its will would be a geopolitical earthquake. The Pacific balance of power would shift decisively in China’s favor NY Times, 12-14-2020: Pound for Pound, Taiwan at the center of the battle for global technological supremacy is the most important place in the world, As the Cold War between China and the United States intensifies, that importance will only continue to grow  ◆  Reuters , 12-10-2020: Taiwan is suffering a serious and worsening decay in the readiness and training of its troops, particularly its army units... NY Times, 11-24-2020: Biden Faces Pressure from Democrats and Republicans to Stand Up to China by Embracing Taiwan... He will continue to support a peaceful resolution of cross-strait issues ... won't use Taiwan to poke Xi Jinping in the eye and make him look weak Economist, 11-19-2020: :  Why commercial ties between Taiwan and China are beginning to fray?   geopolitical, competition, and generational change   Washington Examiner, 11-18-2020: China will race to expand 'empire' and attack Taiwan during window of opportunity (~2022), experts fear    WSJ, 11-15-2020: An attack on Taiwan, the top chips manufacturer, would roil industry and the world     New York Times, 10-1-2020 As China and the U.S. vie for tech dominance, Taiwan’s chip companies are feeling the heat. They are forced to heed American tech policy, but many of their customers — and their customers’ customers — are in China., 9-23-2020:  Senator Marco Rubio : Helping Taiwan to win an all-out conflict against China would not be a way to reach that goal,  “That’s not possible.” Instead, Washington should assist Taipei “to have the capability to raise the cost of military adventurism there to a level that China’s not willing to pay..."    VOA news, 9-21-2020:  The increasing number of air force incursions from China is starting to fray nerves among ordinary Taiwanese,  A Yahoo poll, as of early September, had found that 64% of Taiwanese worry about a conflict,  but a lot of people’s fears are muted by perceptions that China is just sending a political signal, a big proportion of Taiwanese who think  United States would defend Taiwan  ◆  France 24, 9-16-2020: Taiwanese FM on China: 'After Hong Kong, Taiwan might be next'  ◆  National Interest , 9-12-2020:  Washington would establish “a new bilateral economic dialogue” with Taipei to “explore the full spectrum of our economic relationship—semiconductors, healthcare, energy, and beyond, with technology at the core.” US Defense Gov., annual Report to US Congress, 9-1-2020: The PRC appears willing to defer the use of military force as long as it considers that unification with Taiwan could be negotiated over the long-term and the costs of conflict outweigh the benefits ◆ NY Times, 8-30-2020:  Taiwan has moved to revamp Taiwan’s military doctrine and strengthen its reserves...Taiwan cannot count on US as a matter of strategy. ◆ Economist, 8-30-2020:  The island cannot rely on American help, but armed conflict remains unlikely ◆ Forbes, 8-30-2020: Taiwan simply does not have enough firepower to  defeat a Chinese invasion without the help of the U.S. military ◆ National Interest, 8-28-2020: Could China Successfully Blockade Taiwan?  China hopes direct action will yield clean and swift results, letting it present Asia, America, and the world a fait accompli — a done deal  ◆  Wall Street Journal 8-30-2020: Fearing Hong Kong’s Fate, Taiwan Moves to Bolster Its Military Against China.   Financial Times (UK), 8-28-2020: Financial Times (UK), 8-28-2020: Taiwan eases restrictions on US pork and beef imports. 

The Hill, 8-25-2020:
Taiwan Relations Act
 (TRA) ... does not say the president must wait to consult Congress until a Chinese attack actually occurs or is imminent — only that the threat to Taiwan’s democratic security and the danger to U.S. interests be identified...Yet, Biden... consultation with Congress prior to responding would cause disastrous delay.   Forbes, 8-24-2020: China Can Capture Taiwan In Three Days, Say Former U.S. Officials.  VOA, 8-21-2020:  a possible Chinese invasion of Taiwan... could happen as early as next year... the Trump administration has been taking a very strong stand on China in recent months, there have been no moves from the administration to suggest it is preparing to do away with strategic ambiguity... Joseph Biden:  the U.S. has not been obligated to defend Taiwan ... There is a huge difference between reserving the right to use force and obligating ourselves, a priori, to come to the defense of Taiwan" .  Foreign Policy, 8-20-2020: Suicide reveals Taiwanese army dangerously unprepared for Chinese invasion.   Bloomberg, 8-20-2020:  The danger of a Chinese assault on Taiwan is growing. And the U.S., which has an ambiguous security commitment to Taipei, might well lose if it joined such a war on Taiwan’s behalf.  N.Y. Times, 8-17-2020:  U.S. Tries to Bolster Taiwan’s Status, Short of Recognizing Sovereignty.  US Naval Institute, Proceedings, Aug. 2020: 2021 U.S. political transition would be an even more vulnerable time than usual for U.S. decision-making...  such an opportunity would only appear every few decades...for achievement of a long-held goal — to bring Taiwan back into China.  NY Times, 8-15-2020: Beijing continues to take a tough stance on Taiwan, but is dialing down its belligerence to avoid provocative moves that might give President Trump more opportunities to attack.  CNN, 8-14-2020: What Taiwan needs form the US is a strong stable marriage not a hot passionate romance ...  a long-term antagonistic relationship between the US and China wasn't sustainable after November... Taiwan needs to think about it.   Daily Express, 8-13-2020:  World War 3: China 'ready' for conflict with US over Taiwan row ... Peking University Bo: there could be parties with the US military aiming to create a small-scale and “controllable” conflict with their Chinese counterparts.  MirageNews (Australia), 8-11-2020:  Q:  red line for the U.S. in terms of us going in and defending Taiwan?   Pompeo: We thoroughly intend to uphold our obligations and commitments with respect to the historical understandings between the United States and China on Taiwan.   CNN, 8-11-2020 : Beijing's warplanes have only crossed  Taiwan Strait "median line" ( "the de facto cease-fire line") intentionally three times since 1999 (ps: Newsweek, 8-12-2020: since 1949) -- once in March 2019, in February of this year, and again on Monday (Azar met with Taiwan President Tsai).  

 aljazeera, 8-11-2020: Taiwan's top diplomat tells visiting US health secretary that Chinese pressure is making 'life increasingly difficult' . 
The Week (UK) , Yahoo News , 8-9-2020 : (FT) isn't sure how serious President Trump is about supporting Taiwan and predicted he could back down if things with China really get heated, leaving the island vulnerable. "If I were Beijing, I would be asking myself: 'If the U.S. gives us a justification to attack Taiwan, what are the odds that he will change is pattern of cutting and running?"  New Zealand Herald, 8-9-2020: Tension reaching boiling point! Beijing mobilises invasion craft along coast,  satellite images reportedly show amphibious armoured vehicles and mobile missile launchers massing at military bases near the island nation...series of "combat readiness" exercises over the disputed South China Sea, with combat aircraft and naval vessels...   Foreign Policy 8-7-2020:  Some hawkish voices in Washington have even suggested arming Taiwan with nuclear weapons... Instead, the US should urgently provide additional conventional military aid to address the dangerous shift .  Washington Post, 8-6-2020:  Alex Azar’s trip to Taiwan is about refusing to appease China.  a fraught strategy and the stakes are high.  Telegraph, 8-6-2020:  China accused of deploying more amphibious weapons to eastern coast as tensions with Taiwan rise.   National Interest, 8-6-2020:  the odds are uncomfortably high that the U.S. forces would be defeated in a war with China over Taiwan. What’s worse, even achieving a tactical victory could result in a devastating strategic loss.  If China committed all-out to seize Taiwan, then it could accomplish its objective in a finite time period, measured in days to weeks.  Foreign Policy 8-4-2020:  CCP may be increasingly tempted to act against Taiwan. Helping to deter any such aggression doesn’t require nukes, but it should nonetheless be an urgent national security priority for Washington .   CNBC, 8-5-2020:  Taiwan is in a ‘delicate’ situation with China as military drills intensify...  in the near-term, they do not have the capacity to really ‘retake’ Taiwan, ... over the years ... not a scintilla of evidence of flexibility on these kinds of core interest questions, and that’s what makes Taiwan so dangerous.  CNN, 8-5-2020:  Taiwan has emerged as one of the focal points of the escalating tensions between Washington and Beijing. The Australian 8-4-2020:  Xi has made it clear that taking back Taiwan would be the crowning achievement in his vision to restore China’s place as a great power.   we tend to underestimate the importance the US puts on the defence of Taiwan.  Sunday Guardian 8-2-2020:  The Quad must strengthen and support Taiwan.  CNN 8-1-2020: Taiwan could become the next flashpoint in the global tech war.  Bloomberg 7-30-2020:  Now fears are growing that Xi wants to cement his place alongside Mao and Deng by conquering Taiwan,... Of the many US-China conflicts right now  —  none is more dangerous over the long haul than that involving Taiwan.  Express (UK), 7-29-2020:  Harvard prof.:  Unfortunately, there is possibility of an armed confrontation. Nobody wants it, and everybody would lose if a war erupts.    Morning Star (UK), 7-27-2020:  If you think China’s claims in the South China Sea are irrational, think again: the problem for Britain and the US is that the wrong side won the Chinese civil war.  We always have a righteous cause to defend... VICE 7-24-2020:   facing a CCP congress in 2022 that will determine the renewal of his chairmanship of the party—Taiwan could become a bargaining chip.  

LOWY Institute 7-17-2020:
Taiwan tiptoes in cross-strait relations.
Tokyo Review (Japan), 7-25-2020:
Taiwan is where Japan would have to draw the line .  Washington Post, 7-22-2020: Inside China, the government has faced growing calls from hawkish military pundits and nationalist commentators to grasp the current strategic window to seize Taiwan... in January 2019, Xi offered an ultimatum to Taiwan to come to the table for unification talks or face annexation by force...Taiwan would be an extremely convenient sacrificial lamb.  TIME, 7-22-2020: President Xi Jinping pursues an increasingly assertive foreign policy, leading to speculation he may attempt a military confrontation in the region.   Daily Mail, 7-22-2020: China has made several 'simulated' military attacks on Taiwan.    Daily Express (UK)  7-21-2020:  WAR will break out between China and the US in the South China Sea if Beijing violates the alliance agreement between America and Taiwan.   Bloomberg 7-20-2020:  Beijing is no doubt waiting to see the outcome of the U.S. presidential election before taking any more significant actions.  National Interest 7-18-2020:  This will be much more difficult and costly than Hong Kong has been, but make no mistake: for these (CCP) people, that cost is deemed as necessary and they will gladly pay it. Unless the United States binds itself to protect the independence of Taiwan on pain of war, Taiwan is next.   Asia Times, 7-20-2020:  US tech giants exposed if China takes Taiwan ... Even an unsuccessful invasion of Taiwan would cause a supply chain disruption.   Foreign Affairs, 7-8-2020: Given how little Beijing’s crackdown in Hong Kong has cost it to date, we are concerned that Beijing will draw the wrong conclusions about the costs of future coercion against Taiwan.   Washington Post  7-7-2020:  The Hong Kong security law could be China’s blueprint to deal with the ‘Taiwan problem'...China has arguably moved a step closer to preparing for war with the island democracy .     New York Times, 7-2-2020:  The possibility of a military conflict between China and Taiwan remains remote, experts say, because the costs for Beijing would be extraordinary, including significant casualties and damage to its international standing. Yet the two sides are moving farther and farther apart, with little appetite for compromise.    FoxNews  7-8-2020: The passage of a national security law on Hong Kong has put Taiwan on edge, with pro-democracy activists fearing that Beijing will soon have the self-ruled island in its crosshairs National Interest 7-6-2020:  China and Taiwan Could Be Headed Towards a Showdown...  USA Today 7-5-2020: Taiwan has never been more important to American interests.   LOWY institute 7-9-2020:  Xi isn’t such a realist when it comes to Taiwan. Beijing views Taiwan in largely political terms – preoccupied with “the great trend of history” towards unification.  New York Times, 6-26-2020:  When China views it is being challenged in these other sovereignty disputes in this era, it will respond with a very tough line, ...  American warships through the South China Sea and stepped up support for Taiwan and its military ... the possibility of confrontation would increase as the U.S. presidential campaign heated up.  New York Times, 6-21-2020:  It’s a quite deliberate Chinese strategy to try to maximize what they perceive as being a moment of distraction and the reduced capability of the United States to pressure neighbors... U.S. Warships Enter Disputed Waters of South China Sea as Tensions With China Escalate.  Foreign Affairs, 6-18-2020:  A strategic miscalculation might involve Chinese leaders choosing to blockade or attack Taiwan in the near term or midterm based on a set of strongly held beliefs about the United States as a declining power ... New York Times,  6-23-2020: Taiwan raps China for military activity, says it should fight virus instead.   Bloomberg 6-24-2020, John Bolton : Taiwan was right near the top of the list (to be abandoned), and would probably stay there as long as Trump remained President, not a happy prospect .   FoxNews, 6-23-2020: (US) Navy brings massive carrier power to Taiwan Strait, SCS .    Express (UK) 6-23-2020:  FEARS of a World War 3 have been ignited once again ... China: US warships have repeatedly trespassed into Chinese territorial and crossed the Taiwan Straits...  South China Morning Post  6-24-2020: Risk of military conflict between US and China higher than ever...




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6-21-2020, 5-19-2020, 5-13-2020, 4-23-2020, 2-2-2020, 1-17-2020, 12-31-2019, 12-12-2019



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pic.: In Asia's 50 Best Restaurants, Singapore, China, Japan, Thailand are big winners 




pic.: In World's Best Restaurants list, In Asia area, Australia, Singapore, Japan, India, Thailand, China, Korea are winners 





   Michelin Stars (2020) comparison among Asian cities

Michelin Guide cities

number of starred restaurants

number of 3-stars restaurants

number of 2 stars

1 star

Tokyo (Japan) 226 11 48 167
Hong Kong,
85 10 19 56
Kyoto (Japan) 100 8 21 77
Osaka (Japan) 111 3 16 79
Seoul (Korea) 31 2 7 22
Singapore 44 2 5 37
Taipei  (TW) 26 1 6 19
Shanghai (China) 23 1 2 20




 US News & World Report 2020,  Asian countries' world rankings  
Cultural Influence No. 6 Japan,  No. 8 Australia,  No. 9 Singapore,  No. 16 China,  17. NZ,  18. Thailand,   20. Korea,  22. UAE,   30. India,   35. Qatar,  39. Malaysia,  40. Saudi Arabia,   41. Phil Cutting-edge centers of art, entertainment and fashion
Quality of Life No.5 Australia,   No. 8 NZ(New Zealand)),   14. Japan,  15. US,  19. China, 20. Singapore,  23. Korea,    25. UAE, 27. Malaysia,  28. Thai.,  30. India,  31. Philippines,  32. Indonesia,  33. Vietnam,   36. Qatar Through all phases of life, these countries treat their citizens well
Heritage No.6 India,  No. 9 Thailand, 10. Japan,  11. China, 18. USA,  21. Vietnam,  22. Singapore,  27. Australia,  29.  Indonesia,  30. Korea,  32. Malaysia,   37. NZ A deep vein of history courses through these countries
Adventure No.5 Thailand  No.7 New Zealand,  10. Australia,  17. Philippines,   25. Singapore,   29. Malaysia,   33. USA,  34. Japan,   38. Vietnam,   40. India The best countries to fulfill your wanderlust




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《Economist》UK , EIU
The Safe Cities Index 2019 
 Taiwan is worse than its neighbors Singapore, Japan, China, Korea, Australia, NZ ...

   Taiwan's "personal security" dropped 14 places compared with the previous yrs. report

personal security : No.1 Singapore  3 HK  4 Tokyo  5 Wellington  7 Osaka  10 Sydney  12 Dubai  15 Seoul  16 Melbourne 20 Taipei 
Infrastructure security :  No.1 Singapore 2 Osaka 4 Tokyo  7 Sydney  7 Melbourne  9 Wellington 14 Seoul  18 HK  24 Taipei

Digital security:

No.1 Tokyo  2 Singapore 11 Osaka 11 Sydney  11 Melbourne 17  Seoul  22 HK  23 Taipei

Health security:

 No.1  Osaka  2 Tokyo  3 Seoul  8  Singapore  10 Taipei 


World Economic Forum (WEF)  <Travel and tourism competitiveness report> released at 9-4-2019 shows Taiwan's "safety & security" got an Eastern Asia-pacific average score 6.0, and is worse than Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Singapore.
China Times 》, 11-11-2020 , editorial:  Malaysian newspaper thinks Taiwan apparently an extremely unsafe place because two Malaysian ladies were murdered (one was cut-to-pieces) in Taiwan within one year.   A poll by KMT shows 48.9% Taiwanese thinks social security is worse than before.
Liberty Times 》, 11-12-2020:  Crimes of violence kept worsening   in recent 5 years, the number of four major crimes(恐嚇取財、傷害、妨害自由、刀械槍枝)gradually increases from 20732 in 2015 to 24638 in 2019 in all six major cities, according to statistics.



●  Taiwan "judicial Independence" was ranked No. 13 among Asia & Pacific countries; worse than China in last time

  WEF (World Economic Forum)  Judicial independence 2019 rankings ,  The Global Competitiveness Report
 rankings No.1 New Zealand  89.2(score)  2(world rank),  No.2 Japan  86.5  5,  No.3  Hong Kong  84.1  8, No.4  Australia  82.9  10,  No.5  Singapore  77.4  14,  No.6  Saudi Arabia  77.1  16, No. 7  UAE  75.4  20,  No.8  Qatar  73.3  23,  No.9   US  70.4  25,  No.10  Jordan  69,  No. 11  Malaysia  68.7,  No. 12 Kuwait  59.5 , No.13  Taiwan 59.4 ,  No. 14 China 58.2
ps WEF Judicial independence 2017/2018 rankings : China's rank was better than Taiwan's, both are at about same level





 pic. below: Formosa TV news, 1-19-2021 3:00pm: The biggest judicial scandal in century and international joke in the field of Taiwan judiciary

Taiwan judiciary crashes Apple Daily, editorial, 1-19-2021: Rotten & stinky judiciary shakes the nation to its core.  Today is the darkest day in judiciary, so called judicial reform and jury system are nothing but slogan and lies.  Real horrible darkness is ahead if not to investigate the very-top-position officials.

China Times, editorial, 1-19-2021: Taiwan judiciary crashes.  law officials fawn on the richness, and yield to the power.

SETN news, 1-19-2021 (3:40pm) : more than 100 law-enforcement officials (judiciary, prosecutor, police, investigation) were engaged, including president of Supreme Admin Court, chief judges of Supreme Court, chief prosecutors, etc.


 Apple Daily, 1-19-2021: Too many law officials involved to be punished severely ―

40 former and current top officials in total engaged the case include grand justice,  president and chief judges of the Court of Final Appeal , chief prosecutors, Member of the Control Yuan, etc.







  Public trust on Taiwan's judges is about the lowest, compared with OECD member countries

The Liberty Times, 2-23-2019 : National Chung-Cheng University survey shows about 80% Taiwanese people do not trust judges, only 32% are satisfied with Taiwanese prosecutors. ( The percentage is about as low as that of Korea
the worst judicial system country in OECD ( Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development ) in 2019.
 Korea Times, 7-2-2020 ( OECD surveyed 37 member countries by asking how many of every
 1,000 people trust their own court systems. The result shows Korea had the lowest numbers of all countries surveyed. 
Various surveys in Korea also show that two out of three Koreans do not trust the courts.

  Taiwan Judicial Reform Committee (司改會) survey 7-18-2020:  64% Taiwanese people do not trust judges.  (   




Index of judiciary

Asian countries

2020 Economic Freedom Index Judicial Effectiveness, Asian countries scores: Singapore 92.9,  Australia 86.1,  UAE 84.6,  New Zealand 79.1,   Hong Kong 76.8,   China 76.3,    Malaysia 74.6,   Saudi Arabia  72.3 ,    Japan 71.4  ,  Taiwan  70.1,   
Rule of Law Index 2020


No. 7  New Zealand,  No. 11  Australia,  No. 12 Singapore,  15. Japan,  16. Gong Kong,  17. R.Korea,   21. USA,  47. Malaysia,   59.  Indonesia,   69. India




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  1 a brief intro. of Taiwan

  Taiwan soft power


Taiwan's soft power
 vs.  Asia's soft power

Till 2019/2020, Taiwan has not been included in Portland or USC Soft Power survey ranking list, so Taiwan's soft power is behind Asian's "world top 20" nations , including Japan, South Korea, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, China, India, UAE.     for details : click Soft Power

world best surveys Taiwan's rankings
in top 25~30 list
comparison with
other Asia & Pacific countries
Top 30 SOFT POWER by Portland
failed No. 8 Japan, No.9  Australia, No. 17 New Zealand,  No. 19  S Korea, No. 21 Singapore, No. 27 China
Brand Finance -  Global soft power Index 2020, top 60 n/c
US News: 2020 Best Countries Overall
The Best Countries in the World
 not included No.3 Japan, No.5  Australia, No. 11 New Zealand,
No. 15 China, No. 16 Singapore , No. 20  Korea,
No.22 UAE , No.25  India,  No. 26  Thailand,
No. 30  Qatar
2018/2019 Monocle's Soft Power survey failed No. 3 Japan, No.8  Australia, No. 11 New Zealand, No.15 Korea, No. 19 China,  No. 21  Singapore,  No. 25 India
2018/2019 Soft Power 30 Study by USC Center on Public Diplomacy failed No.5 Japan, No. 10 Australia, No. 18 NZ, No. 20 S. Korea, No. 21 Singapore, No. 27 China
2017/2018 Monocle's Soft Power survey failed No. 4 Japan, No.9 Australia, No. 13 New Zealand, No.17 Korea, No. 19 China,  No. 22 Singapore, No. 24 India
2017/2018 Soft Power 30 Study by USC Center on Public Diplomacy failed No.6. Japan,  No. 8. Australia,  18. NZ,  No. 20 Singapore, No. 21 S. Korea,  No. 25.  China
2016/2017 Monocle's
Soft Power survey
failed No. 3 Japan, No.6 Australia, No. 13 New Zealand, No.17 Korea, No. 20 China,  No. 23 Singapore, No. 24 India
2015/2016 Monocle's
 Soft Power survey
failed No. 4 Japan, No.6 Australia, No. 13 New Zealand, No.15 Korea, No. 21 China,  No. 23 Singapore
 Soft Power survey 2010 ~ 2015
failed Japan,  Australia,  New Zealand,   S. Korea,  Singapore,  China,  UAE , India, etc, were in the top 25 list



  According to a survey of 2020, Singapore ranks No.1, Japan No.7, Korea No. 9 on "enterprise",  Japan ranks No. 5, China No.10 on "engagement", Korea ranks No. 5 on "digital", Japan ranks No.6, China No. 8 on "culture", No any Asian country ranks top 10 on "education" and "govt."

Best Countries overall in 2020:  1 Swiss 2 Canada 3 Japan  4 Germany  5  Australia  6  UK  7 USA  8 Sweden  9 Nederland  10  Norway  11 NZ  12 France  13 Denmark  14  Finland  15 China  16 Singapore  17  Italy  18  Austria  19 Spain  20  Korea  21  Luxembourg   22 UAE  23  Russia  24 Portugal  25  India  26  Thailand  27  Greece  28  Brazil  29  Israel  30  Qatar  31  Saudi Arabia   32 Malaysia   33 Mexico  34  Poland  35  Turkey





  Taiwan's travel & tourism;    for details : click tourism 


 Taiwan's travel & tourism  - 10th in Asia


World Economic Forum (WEF)  <Travel and tourism competitiveness report> released at 9-4-2019 shows Taiwan had the sub-region's largest decline in competitiveness from 30th down to 37th.   Taiwan ranks No.10 among Asian countries.   In the overall ranking list, Asian country Japan got No.4,  China No.13,  Hong Kong No.14,  Korea No.16, Singapore No.17,  Malaysia No.29,  Thailand No.31,  UAE  No.33,  India No. 34,...


category Taiwan's rankings and/or score comparison
prioritization of travel and tourism   No75  Singapore No.6 ,  Hong Kong No. 11
Natural & cultural resources No.58  score 2.6 China  No.1, score 6.0 , France No.2,  5.0,  Spain  No.3, 5.7,   Japan No.7, 5.3,   Indonesia No.18,  Thailand No.21,  Korea No.24,  Vietnam No.26,  Malaysia No.31,  HK No.40,  Philippines No.46,  Sri Lanka No.52,  Nepal No.56
Natural resources  No. 87 Hong Kong No. 42, Singapore No.120
cultural resources & business travel No. 36  score 2.6 China No1, score 7.0
price competitiveness No. 78  
Health & Hygiene  No.43,  score 6  
international openness No. 60  
Safety & security No. 26 human resource & labor market: Taiwan No.18
 ps: Compared to the report of 2017,  Taiwan significantly tightened visa requirements (37th down to 119th), waning cultural resources and business travel (26th to 36th) and recalibrated figures showing a drastic reduction in protected areas (20th to 118th).


According to  World Economic Forum (WEF)  <Travel and tourism competitiveness report> (released at 4-6-2017), Taiwan's most important indexes for promoting tourism, like "Attractiveness of Natural Assets" (parks, beaches, mountains, wildlife, etc) ranks world No.87, "Natural Resources" ranks No.55,   "Environmental Sustainability" ranks No.75 (No.69 in 2015), "Price Competitiveness" ranks No. 46, "Hotel Price Index" ranks No. 89 (82 in 2015), Taiwan got "n/a" on China's world top 5 indexes such as "World heritage natural sites" as well as "World heritage cultural sites".

For full details :





 ●   UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage  /
         Taiwan is at the end


Asian country heritage items selected
1 China 40
2 Korea 24
3 Japan 20
4 Mongolia 15
5 India 13
6 Indonesia 10
7 Saudi Arabia 8
8 Cambodia 5
9 Philippines 4
10 Qatar 3
10 Malaysia 3
10 Pakistan 3
13  Thai 2
14 Singapore 1
14 Sri Lanka 1
14 Vietnam 1
14 UAE 1


Myanmar, Laos, Nepal 0
Taiwan 0
  Taiwan is doing De-sinicization (getting rid of Chinese culture) for political reason.

◆  12-16-2020: Singapore’s hawker culture was officially approved on Wednesday (16 December) to be inscribed into UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity.  The biggest thanks must go to the generations of hawkers for nourishing a nation’s stomach and spirits.   Taiwan is proud of its night market culture, but was not selected.



●  Taiwan livable ?


world's most livable cities  ... include Taiwan's ?

Till 2020, Taiwan has not been included in the top ranking list of the world's most livable cities  

world's most livable cities
world best surveys Taiwan's rankings
in top list
comparison with
other Asia & Pacific countries
 The EIU's Global Livability Index Ranking   2019  failed in the top 50 No.2  Melbourne,  No.3  Sydney,  No.4 Osaka (Japan), No. 7 Tokyo,  No.10  Adelaide,  No.12 Auckland (NZ),   No.15 Wellington (NZ),   18 Brisbane  (Aus) ,    No. 38 Hong Kong,  No. 40 Singapore,   No.57  Seoul (Korea),  Taipei behind   
Monocle's Quality of Life survey 2019 failed in the top list

No.2 Tokyo (Japan),  No.11 Melbourne (Australia), No.13 Sydney,  No.16 Hong Kong,  No.17 Kyoto (Japan),  No.21 Auckland (NZ), No.22 Fukuoka (Japan),  23 Brisbane,  25 Singapore
Deutsche Bank Liveability Survey
not included in the top list
No. 2 Wellington (NZ),    No. 7 Melbourne ( Australia ),  No.10 Sydney,   No.14 Tokyo  No.16 Auckland (NZ),  No.17 Dubai (UAE), No. 23 Singapore,   No. 26 Saudi Arabia Riyadh,  No. 29 Seoul (Korea),  No. 33 India Bangalore,  No. 39 Malaysia  Kuala Lumpur,   44 Hong Kong,   46 India Delhi,  No. 48   Shanghai (China), No. 55 Beijing
Safe Cities Index (SCI)  2019,   EIU (Economist UK), NEC failed in the top 20 No.1  Tokyo, No.2  Singapore, No.3 Osaka (Japan),  No.5 Sydney (Aus), No. 8 Seoul (Korea), No10 Melbourne, No. 20 Hong Kong  
ArchDaily / The World's Most Livable Cities in 2019 failed in the top 20 No. 3. Auckland, New Zealand, 11. Sydney, Australia,  No.15. Wellington, New Zealand , No.17. Melbourne, Australia  
 Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI )
, Z/Yen Mar 26, 2020
No.75 top 7:  NY, London, Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore, HK, Beijing; Taipei No.34 in 2019
 The EIU's Global Livability Index Ranking   2018  failed in the top 50 No.2 Melbourne (Australia),  No.3  Osaka (Japan),  No. 7  Tokyo (Japan) ,  No.10       Adelaide  (Australia),   No.12 Auckland (NZ)    Wellington (NZ) ... ... (omitted),  Taipei 58
 The EIU's Global Liveability Index Ranking   2017  failed in the top 50  No.1  Melbourne,  No. 5  Adelaide,  No. 7  Perth,
No. 8 Auckland (NZ),  No.11 Sydney,  No.13  Tokyo,  No.  14  Osaka,  No.16 Brisbane,   No. 20 Wellington (NZ),  No. 35 Singapore,  No.45  Hong Kong,  No.58  Seoul (Korea),  No.60   Taipei  

EIU (Economist UK)'s  Global Liveability Index evaluates stability, healthcare, culture&environment,  education,   Infrastructure



Taiwan's 'higher' education ...


  Taiwan's university rankings in Asia,

Quacquarelli Symonds,QS  UK,  2021

ranks Taiwan Malaysia China Korea Hong Kong, Macau Singapore

15.  Tsinghua University Beijing


23.   Peking University Beijing



22.    University of Hong Kong




No. 11.   National University of Singapore



No.13 Nanyang
 Tech. Univ. Singapore

24  University of Tokyo


26~50     34.   Fudan University,  Shanghai



47.    Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai

37.   Seoul National University, Seoul




39.  KAIST  Korea


27 Hong Kong Univ. Science & Tech.



43 Chinese Univ HK



48. City University of Hong Kong



38.  Kyoto


51~60   No. 59 Universiti Malaysia 53.  ZheJiang Univ.   







56. Tokyo Institute Tech. 


60~80 66.   National Taiwan University


    69. Korea Univ.



77  Pohang U Science Tech

75.  Hong Kong Polytechnic University   72. Osaka U  Japan


 79. Tohoku U Japan


93.  U Science & Tech China


85. Yonsei U   Korea


88. SKKU Korea




QS  Quacquarelli Symonds,QS  UK


QS 2020 Asia universities, top 15 rankings :

subtotal number : Singapore ( 2 ), Hong Kong ( 3 ), Japan ( 2 ),  Korea ( 3 ), China ( 4 ), Malaysia ( 1 ), Taiwan ( 0 )



  In <Nature Index> ,  "2019 Tables: Institutions,  

about 32 universities in China, 8 universities in Korea, 6 Hong Kong universities, 9 univ. in Japan,
2 universities in India, 2 in Singapore, one in Saudi Arabia
ranked higher than all Taiwan's

Taiwan's higher education




Taiwan reviews  /  The ROC on Taiwan, has its own constitution, independently elected president and military forces, However, Taiwan's image was tarnished or damaged for having benefits by any means, and having principal human rights problems, including:

●  Ethics of politiciansThe Liberty Times, editorial (7-21-2020) reports only 2.3% Taiwanese politicians are trustworthy and have professional ethics, according to a survey half year ago,  56% Taiwanese note elected representatives (lawmakers, councilman, etc) care their own interest, only 9.3% think they care "national interest".  Washington Post (7-22-2020) reports:  In a major speech in January 2019, Xi (Chinese president) offered an ultimatum to Taiwan to come to the table for unification talks or face annexation by force. But as a precondition for talks, China demanded that Tsai acknowledge the “one China” principle.  However, Taiwan's government was tight-lipped about this ultimatum, so that even famous commentator and analyst  know nothing about it, otherwise pro-Independence Tsai I. W. may not easily continue in presidential office in Jan. 2020, because, according to National Interest (6-16-2020): more than 60.3 percent of the respondents opposed Taiwan's independence if it is followed by China’s military invasion... 


●  judiciary USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices,  3-11-2020:  Some political commentators and academics,  publicly questioned the impartiality of judges and prosecutors involved in high profile, politically sensitive cases.   US Country Reports on Human Rights Practices released at 3-13-2019 pointed out that justice ministry was insufficiently independent and conducted politically motivated investigations of politicians (in <Corruption and Lack of Transparency in Government> section), ...    The United Daily, 1-6-2020, editorial:  Taiwanese don't trust law-enforcement because of government abusing power and playing with the law : ● The United Daily, Focus, 11-30-2019:  The prosecutors  and Taiwan's 'FBI' were questioned a lot for years for their political investigations and conducts recent years, the judiciary giving services to DPP almost became a routine...:  UDN 10-20-2019: politics overrode justice   The Liberty Times,  head-line news, 3-16-2019: Taiwan PM is not satisfied with Judicial reform    The Liberty Times, head-page, The China Times, head-page, 12-8-2018:   Taiwan P.M. (賴清德):  Taiwan has not made significant progress on judicial reform, which is roiling with public discontent;    <The United Daily>,  06-18-2016, head page news: Taiwan's prosecutors admit usually following order to conclude legal cases.   <USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices>, 2016-2018,  public trust on Taiwan's judiciary system keeps falling down <United Daily>, opinion column, 12-16-2017:  Taiwan's public voice with a heavy heart  : The prosecutors should abide by the law too... don't be a political tool.   judiciary



●  democracy :  Economist EIU Democracy Index 2019 shows Taiwan is "Flawed democracy", 2019's overall score is lower than 2015's and 2016's, the scores of "political culture", "political participation" are low (5.63, 6.11)<DW> of Germany (Chinese edition, 12-25-2020) and <RFI> of France (Chinese edition, 12-27-2020) both quoted <Yazhou Zhoukan > (亞洲周刊) criticizing Taiwan's new democratic authoritarianism.  Reuters, New York Times, 7-14-2020: Violence and protests inside the chamber are not unusual in Taiwan.  N.Y. Times  12-3-2019:  soft underbelly of Taiwanese politics: patronage networks.  they continue to allow community leaders, farmers’ associations and even organized-crime figures to buy votes.  New York Times, 1-11-2020: Taiwan’s young and vibrant, if messy at times, democratic society.  <China Times> 2-26-2020, editorial: more and more uncontrolled admin. power and withered legislative power, freedom of speech was suppressed by admin. and judicial power at all levels, for political culture, partisan, stand and ideology matter.  <Foreign Policy>, 2015: Taiwan politics belongs to mega-corporations (not the people) and is controlled by the political parties.  Apple Daily, editorial, 12-14-2019: Taiwan gov. shows authoritarianism political culture, ignoring and being hostile to those critics.   Apple Daily, editorial, 12-7-2019:  in this bad election morality age, Taiwan president becomes a low threshold, min. qualification criteria position, and a laughingstock.  <UDN> editorial,12-6-2018: Taiwan's democracy exists in name only ...; <United Daily News>, editorial opinion, 6-23-2019The operation of democracy usually strays off most public-opinions, big-data became a sharp-weapon for politicians to manipulate the will of the people ... fail to solve the adverse situation of reversing democracy;   <United Daily News>, Opinion, 3-7-2017Now it seems hard to keep Taiwan's skin-deep democracy ... the people's "livelihood" was sacrificed for politics ... <United Daily> editorial 1-8-2020, <UDN> editorial (聯合報社論) 11-14-2019/Taiwan's democracy turns into grave 。 (民主設計的良意,如今變成私欲墳場  democracy & freedom



 corruption United Daily, opinion,  8-3-2020: Corruption in parliament seems never end.  Apple Daily, headline editorial, 8-3-2020 (  lawmakers of same party shared illegal benefits or covered each other, and usually won't disclose political rivals' greasy palms, that's Taiwan's political culture and 'ecology'.  Liberty Times, 5-25-2020: Univ. presidents' graft or malfeasance was heard frequently.   Transparency International 1-29-2019: Taiwan has stagnated in the Corruption Perspective Index rankings since 2011 with its score 61~63 (dropped 2 spots this year), in contrast, South Korea improved by 3 points in 2017.  Liberty Times, 1-12-2020, editorial: The administration's rottenness (腐壞氣息) was exposed already.   In platform presentation at 12-25-2019, Nationalist Party Presidential candidate Han criticized President Tsai has allowed top officials around grow very corrupt, Tsai refuted KMT was more serious, People First Party candidate Song said that speaking of corruption and unfair judiciary, KMT and DPP are about the same.   Apple Daily (12-7-2018) editorial :  Taiwan's corruption is off the charts by collusions between government officials and business owners,  furthermore, Taiwan's underworld going wild to assist government officials, business and some elected representatives (e.g., legislators) in corruption has been ahead of most corrupt countries, e.g., China, Indonesia, Brazil, Philippines, Vietnam, the stinky rotten food-chain crossing pan-Blue (Nationalist, KMT) and pan-Green (DPP) resurges after Taiwan's elections...   corruption


 freedom of speech : USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices,  3-11-2020:  Journalists said they faced pressure from management to submit news stories to complement or support the content of paid advertisements.  Oxford university (UK) Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism: Only 24% Taiwanese trust in local news which remains one of the lowest in Oxford survey. N.Y. Times  12-3-2019:  Social media platforms are another key battleground (Chn-TW): Nearly 90 percent of Taiwan’s population is active on them, and traditional news outlets have been known to republish fake posts without fact-checking. According to Reuters, Chinese government agencies have paid Taiwanese news outlets to publish pro-Beijing content.  ●  < Reporters Sans Frontieres> (RSF, France) , 4-18-2019:  Taiwan’s journalists are suffering from a very polarized media environment dominated by sensationalism and the pursuit of profit. Although President Tsai Ing-wen has said she wants to continue developing press freedom in Taiwan, few concrete measures have been taken to improve journalists’ editorial independence and encourage media to raise the quality of the public debate. Beijing is exploiting this weakness by putting pressure on Taiwanese media owners, who often have business interests on the mainland.  Apple Daily 12-4-2019 editorial : All political parties and many politicians found cyber-forces who are mean, base, cruel and dark to destroy target's image and reputation by secretly ways, without moral bottom line ...   United Daily,  3-27-2020: Coronavirus (CovID-19) in Taiwan - Taiwanese government covered basic facts, delivered misleading message, endangered civilians ...●  China Times, editorial <中時社論> ,    3-9-2020: Political power forms threats (penalty fine and suspending the license) to certain media ... Secretly bullying by (gov.-related) cyber force.   ● UDN 12-7-2019 editorial: The number of fake news spread by Pan-Green coalition (ruling party) is far more (and more vile) than that sent by ordinary people   Apple Daily 3-29-2019 editorial opinion: Democracy & Freedom of speech is the bottom line which should never be lost, the government should not create chilling effect by fishing in trouble water.   The China Times 12-14-2019 editorial : the gov. seriously harmed free speech by investigating those messages shared or published on the net by the masses    The China Times 3-29-2019 headline news:  Democracy on the surface, anti-democracy to the bone is not allowed.  US Country Reports on Human Rights Practices released at 3-13-2019: the impact of the concentration of media ownership on freedom of the press, self-censorship continued.  freedom of speech


●   int'l drug base : Taiwan is narcotic drugs producing & selling center of Asia (The China Times <Want Weekly>, 9-18-2019) Taiwan was already reduced to be a 'kingdom' of producing narcotic drugs. (United Daily, headline news, 11-2-2017)   Philippine President Duterte ... blaming Taiwan-based organised crime behind all this drug traffic... for using his country as a shipping hub. (Reuters, 9-27-2017, The Straits Times, 9-29-2017)   Duterte: Triad supplying illegal drugs to PH is based in Taiwan, not China (, 9-26-2017).    Taiwan is scandalous for being a major drug transit center & a major drug exporting country, part of Taiwanese government including Judicial sys. refused to improve this issue. (UDN Opinion, 11-6-2017, The China Times, head-page & focus, 4-4-2017, The Liberty Times, 5-12-2017)    illegal drugs



 torture & cruelty : Taiwan is far behind and keeps stalling legislating a new law against torture and other cruelty, conclusively advised by international review panel ( Philip Alston, law professor at New York University; Eibe Riedel, former member of the United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights; Jerome Cohen, law professor at New York University; and Nisuke Ando, professor emeritus at Kyoto University, etc. )  (ref. to Apple Daily, headline, 12-9-2017)  Taiwan's opposition party vice presidential candidate, NTU professor Lin Ruey-Shiung, was subject to electromagnetic wave attacks (French AFP ,Dec. 1, 2011 , Thailand's Bangkok Post,  Dec. 3, 2011, Yahoo UK & Ireland, etc. ), Taiwan gov. denied this.     Liberty Times 6-7-2019  : Control Yuan's new mission - against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment / Pavel Doubek  ●  United Daily, editorial, 5-6-2019: Control Yuan should work for underprivileged people, not only cover their own politicians.    ● State violence and white terror (product of state violence) return in Taiwan (United Daily, opinion, 12-21-2017, 12-27-2017).     Taiwan's Facebook "Green terror" suppressed free expression...... (Wikipedia 2017, The China Times, public opinion, 11-18-2017).   The key-point is state violence (Apple Daily, opinion, 8-16-2013).  repression, oppression

  privacy People's Daily, 10-15-2020, commentary: Taiwan's Intelligence strictly monitors its own people, which is called "Green Terror". The China Times (中國時報), 1-6-2021:  the human rights protected by the Constitution has been in danger for a long time... The government had not admitted the "skynet - electronic fence" until law-makers questioned them a number of times... New York Post  4-25-2020 : Taiwan deals CovID with "a lot more authoritarian.", "almost everyone is tracked.".  Apple Daily 11-10-2020: Taiwanese health & medical data/information was forced without agreement of the party to be opened on purpose of business and academic use. The United Daily News (聯合) , editorial, 3-31-2019 Taiwan is a backward country on personal-data protection.   Taiwan plans to sell general public's personal data and digital human rights (e.g., people's medical health data without giving any notice ), peep at whatever on the net , and even monitor all the citizens,  nothing people would normally notice ...   (brief ;  EU General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR was given to effect at 5-25-2018, Taiwan is far behind, even is going in an opposite way  / Apple Daily 蘋果日報, 5-28-2018,  National Taiwan University Law School professor 林鈺雄.    privacy


  secret police The United Daily News, editorial opinion (9-19-2018) : "secret police" (「東廠們」) have been active around us ... The Liberty Times, head-page, The China Times, head-page, 12-8-2018:   Taiwan P.M. (賴清德): "Secret Police event" (「東廠事件」) has seriously damaged public trust on the government...; The United Daily News, editorial 11-30-2019: The state machine was abused as government's "tributaries".   Apple Daily 12-4-2019 editorial : All political parties and many politicians found their cyber-forces to secretly attack targets... ,  the dark force are mean, base, cruel  and dark to destroy target's image and reputation, they executed without moral bottom line and military discipline  (brief).   UDN 11-3-2018,  Intel. sys. (NSB) confirmed their investigations of Facebook and other's communities on the net.  All internet platform service providers in Taiwan were requested to hand in all users' personal information/data (intel denied)  <Apple Daily (蘋果日報)> 11-7-2018 editorial opinion:  by whatever name ( "secret police" or "national security bureau") it is called, what "it" did secretly were always more than what it admitted.   Taiwan's Intelligence and secret-agent systems keep on governing the country ... they're true Prime Minister (行政院長), ...So many suspected political murder cases remain unsolved  (ref to 2018.7.26【政經看民視】 FTV, "政經看民視", 7-26-2018;  SET(三立電視), 9-24-2013 "Secret agents govern the nation (特務治國)";  Era TV,   年代電視, 9-22-2013;; "Secret agent systems resurgence to control the nation (特務復辟治國)"    repression, oppression


●  int'l fraud :   United Daily, 10-23-2019, editorial: Taiwanese telecom frauds run wild the entire world to damage Taiwan's image.   CTV evening news, 12-14-2017,  EBC TV, 4-9-2017,  UDN opinion, 12-24-2017:  Taiwan is notorious for its fraud crimes all over the world.  quora, 4-16-2016:  Taiwan largely sees these telecom frauds/phone scammers as an asset rather than liability...   China Times, 11-7-2017:  It's not easy for Taiwan to clean its bad name of 'fraud-crime empire' because "Rome is not built in one day".  (Asia Association of Police Studies, secretary general international fraud


 food safety  : Reuters, DW (Germany), 12-31-2020: Chinese court sentences 29 Taiwanese deported from Spain / In recent years, hundreds of Taiwanese nationals, suspected of committing telecoms fraud overseas...  The China Times, 10-20-2018  opinion (editorial) :

Taiwan's food safety failed again and again,  Dioxin, Fipronil poison-eggs in last year, Nicarbazin illegal drug residue event in this year.  Europe was very cautious about Fipronil event, in contrast, Taiwan did nothing about it.   Even worse, Taiwan officials hide Nicarbazin issue from Taiwanese people to baby related business indulge business to retrieve problematic eggs and then resell them as promotion goods.  Why do high-ranking officials always fudge Taiwanese people's only, and humblest request ??   (brief)   UDN, 2-17-2019: Gov. did not declared poison eggs until almost sold out...   The China Times (中國時報), 2-28-2019,  opinion (editorial) questions Taiwan officials are trying very hard to hide the epidemic state of Marek's virus in chicken eggs ...

  int'l pirate Green Peace, 5-2-2019:  It remains our view that Taiwanese fisheries still have many serious problems, both environmental and social, and that the need for reform is clear and urgent.    Lowy Institute & <the interpreter>, 5-2-2019: Taiwan ...illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing... Taiwan has so far refused to adopt the Work in Fishing Convention.   EU warned in 2015 Taiwan with a yellow card for illegal fishing till 6 '19.   US  state government - 2019 Trafficking in persons report, Jun. 2019:   fishermen working on Taiwan-flagged and -owned fishing vessels experience non- or under-payment of wages, long working hours, physical abuse, lack of food or medical care, denial of sleep, and poor living conditions while indebted to complex, multinational brokerage networks. Migrant fishermen have reported senior crewmembers employ such coercive tactics as threats of physical violence, beatings, withholding of food and water, and pay deductions to retain their labor.    Freedom House, June 2019:  labor advocates report poor implementation, citing ongoing mistreatment and abuse of foreign fishermen on Taiwanese vessels.


●  life protection  : The government has not well taken its fundamental responsibility of protecting the safety of people's life and property - why 5/6 bridges badly in need of repair have not been done ?  government even has never made public the info. , where are those fatal bridges' locations ?   (ref. to United Daily, 10-9-2019, headline news)   why are there so many tall buildings located on the fault-zone? why are poor architectures everywhere on bad geologic grounds ? why are those shit-hole politicians doing nothing and ignoring urban renewal so as to risk millions of old houses and human beings? (ps: may face death in 6 magnitude quake)    (full text: 聯合報社論/斷層帶上何以建了那麼多高樓?  2-8-2018, 勿讓軟腳樓成坑殺人命陷阱 2-9-2018,花蓮 都更 爛政客   2-9-2018)


●  life protection (2) : Due to bad Income distribution, Taiwan's social security (offender rate) worsens (China Times, 2-25-2020 editorial).   Taiwan is dishonest and 'cruel' trying to hide, block, delay public-health news, e.g., poisoned eggs, PCV virus vaccine, and Bird-flu more than one time (1-2-2018 UDN, Taiwan failed to solve food-safety issue, professors and MDs advised eating at home.  (The China Times. 8-6-2016, <食品不安全的年代如何自保>, 2016, etc.),  2012 BBC news : ,  not to mention big issues.  The China Times 5-9-2018 column : This is an EVIL state apparatus ... The China Times 5-26-2018 column : The government likes to conceal bad news, put paper over the cracks, e.g., air pollution, rupture of diplomatic relationships, ... Taiwan's CCPI (Climate Change Performance Index - GHG emissions, renewable energy, etc) rank of 2019 is reciprocal third among countries, the score/ranking is from bad to worse since 2017. Apple Daily 12-11-2019, headline news: Taiwan's air pollution is bad to worse, about half population were endangered by PM2.5 and PM10 from top 10 hazardous level companies (China Steel, Taichung Power plant, etc)  Taiwan administration's policy led to air pollution, toxic pollution in the land and sea ...   (The China Times, 1-7-2018 台灣海陸空污染毒害山海變色 Mail (UK) 7-14-2017 : Shocking underwater video from Taiwan shows ocean floor littered with plastic (bottles) garbage)


 transportation safety  United Daily News 1-20-2020:  The death rate caused by traffic accidents in Taiwan is 5 times that in Japan.   The SUN, BBC (UK) 2-13-2017: "BUS CRASH HORROR!" , Taiwan's tour bus  "has come under fire in recent months over safety standards"...   MSN, Reuters, EuroNews, Mirro(UK), NewsWeek, CNN, etc (2-4-2015) :"Taiwan has had a poor aviation safety record in recent years".   Taiwan's aviation safety

 Labor rights   USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices,  3-11-2020:  The right to strike remained highly regulated. Teachers, civil servants, and defense industry employees do not have the right to strike. Workers in industries such as utilities, hospital services, and telecommunication service providers are allowed to strike only if they maintain basic services during the strike. Authorities may prohibit, limit, or break up a strike during a disaster. For all workers, the law divides labor disputes into “rights disputes” and “adjustment disputes.” Workers are allowed to strike only in adjustment disputes, which include issues such as compensation and working schedules. The law forbids strikes in rights disputes related to violations of collective agreements and employment contracts.   foreign laborers

 children & women trafficking US  state government - 2019 Trafficking in persons report, Jun. 2019:   in the last five years, human traffickers subject foreign men and women to forced labor and sex trafficking in Taiwan, and traffickers subject local men and women to forced labor and local women and children to sex trafficking. ... take advantage of Taiwan and foreign women’s and children’s drug addictions to subject them to sex trafficking. Taiwan traffickers increasingly use the internet, smartphone apps, livestreaming, and other such online technologies to conduct recruitment activities, often targeting child victims, and to mask their identities from law enforcement. 

 social security   The China Times, 2-25-2020 editorial: Due to bad Income distribution, Taiwan's social security (offender rate) worsens.   World Economic Forum (WEF)  <Travel and tourism competitiveness report> released at 9-4-2019 shows Taiwan's "safety & security" got an Eastern Asia-pacific average score 6.0, and is worse than world No.5 Hong Kong, No. 6 Singapore , No. 7 UAE,  No. 10 New Zealand,  11 Qatar,  13 Japan, 19 Australia,   23 Saudi Arabia.   《Economist》UK , EIU The Safe Cities Index 2019    Taiwan's "personal security" dropped 14 places compared with previous yrs. report,  Taiwan is worse than neighbors Singapore, Japan, China, Korea...     police

 discrimination  USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices,  3-11-2020:  Activists for LGBTI rights said due to victims’ reluctance to lodge formal complaints, discrimination against LGBTI persons was more widespread than suggested by the number of court cases.  There was reported discrimination, including employment discrimination, against persons with HIV/AIDS.   US Country Reports on Human Rights Practices released at 3-13-2019  Foreign and PRC-born spouses were reportedly targets of social discrimination outside and, at times, inside the home.   Discrimination against LGBTI persons was more widespread than suggested by the number of court cases.  Employment discrimination against persons with HIV/AIDS continues, Taipei officials pressured a magazine reporter to drop an investigative report about the city’s breach of personal information for more than 3,000 AIDS patients.  Voice of America 7-6-2020: Why Hong Kongers Who Fear China Won’t Flood Into Nearby, Democratic Taiwan)  then this society — friendly but not that friendly. If the overseas workers want to compete [for] a job, these people will be heavily discriminated 。L.A. Times  4-10-2020:  Taiwan’s government itself treats returnees from Hubei more rigorously than it does people flying back from heavily infected Western countries...... like hundreds of other returnees to Taiwan from mainland China, she fears she’ll be the victim of a damaging social stigma that also has the island’s government concerned.  

Harvard professor Dr. Joseph Nye advised in 2010 that hard and soft power enable Taiwan to deal with China and expand its international space. Brookings at 1-22-2018 commented that Increasing “soft power” is a low-cost, high-return strategy for Taiwan However, Taiwan's soft power was behind that of Asian's countries, China and Asian's Japan, South Korea, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, India, UAE.  Taiwan failed to be included in UK based Monocle's Soft Power list 2010 ~ 2019 and Soft Power 30 by USC Center on Public Diplomacy, 2017 ~ 2019/2020.   Besides, according to Washington Post, 5-20-2020: There's a limit to what this soft power can achieve ...  Taiwan was unable to compete with China's economic and political clout ...  As for Taiwan's military power, Taiwan's administration made a core defense strategy to resist Chinese PLA for 2 weeks, and made assumption that then Americans will always risk their lives to protect home.  for details, pls.  click Taiwan soft power, Taiwan military.



The People’s Daily, 10-15-2020 , Global Times, 10-15-2020:  “Don’t say we didn’t warn you"  (「勿謂言之不預」)...

Taiwan,  Next TV, 壹新聞, 10-17-2020

The People’s Daily《告台灣情治部門書》full text :


Economist,10-22-2020: The People’s Daily, (CCP’s mouthpiece《人民日報》), carried a commentary... using a phrase—“Don’t say we didn’t warn you (ps: Taiwan intelligence)” — that has preceded Chinese military action against other countries in the past
●  Washington Post, 10-26-2020: ... jingoistic editorials in China's state-run press — have raised concerns in the West that Xi is readying China for a new war. The target in this case would be Taiwan
●  After China's mouthpiece, People's Daily or XinHua editorial issued a severe warning "Don’t say we didn’t warn you" in 1962、1967、1978,Chinese PLA started military operations against Indian and Vietnamese troops respectively.
 The People's Daily in Nov. 2019 sent a warning  "Don’t say we didn’t warn you" to Hong Kongers, in the next year China cracked down HK, and passed a national security law on Hong Kong.
 This time the People’s Daily put its warning to Taiwan's intelligence in "opinion/commentary" , instead of "editorial" column as before, and on "7th edition" instead of 1st~4th edition as before, ...  therefore, it's serious but not as severe as before, probably a warning for coercion or "gray zone" actions such as blockage or economic intervenes, or pressuring Taiwan into giving up ... those sort of psychological war.
SCMP (HK), 10-20-2020: ... unusually strong language in a recent commentary in People's Daily invoking the phrase “don’t say we didn’t warn you”, serves as a reminder, which was targeting a big rise in the number of Taiwanese intelligence agents active on the mainland, but was aimed at a much wider audience.

●  Washington Post (7-22-2020) :  In 2019, Xi (Chinese president) offered an ultimatum to Taiwan to come to the table for unification talks or face annexation by force.  Soon later PLA's warplanes crossed the Taiwan Strait "median line" ( "the de facto cease-fire line") first time ever since 1949, according to Newsweek 8-12-2020, and the PRC deliberately ratcheted up tensions till now. 





  Taiwan Shuts Pro-China TV Channel in Battle over Press Freedom


  Cti TV side

NCC side

Reuters 11-18-2020 ...citing evidence of interference from a Beijing-friendly tycoon amid fears over China's campaign to win support on the island.
there was no evidence that CTi had received Chinese government funding.  and key shareholder Tsai has previously rejected accusations of newroom interference.

Taiwan's main opposition party, said it opposed the decision, as it could have a "chilling effect, strongly impacting press freedom"

CTi had been fined for several violations such as failure to check facts and endangering the public interest
Bloomberg 11-18-2020 Taiwan Shuts Pro-China TV Channel in Battle over Press Freedom
TV station says its closure is politically motivated
the latest example of the often fraught relationship between press freedom and concerns over Chinese influence in Taiwan’s fiercely competitive media landscape.
NCC says Chung T’ien News violated broadcast regulations     The key issue is its largest shareholder Tsai Eng-meng is directly and indirectly involved in the production of news programs
Guardian, 11-18-2020 “Today is the darkest day for freedom of the press and freedom of speech in the 30 years since Taiwan’s liberation,”
CTi has been accused of acting as a mouthpiece for Beijing and lobbying against the Democratic Progressive party (DPP) government, led by Tsai Ing-wen, and in favour of the opposition Kuomintang (KMT)
Pro-China TV station in Taiwan ordered off air  after Taiwan’s media regulator found it had failed to address serious and frequent findings of bias and disinformation.
CTi had devoted 70% of its airtime to the KMT mayor of Kaohsiung, Han Kuo-yu, who unsuccessfully challenged Tsai in the presidential election. In January, CTi was fined  for airing false statements by a KMT politician without factchecking or interrogating the claims before broadcast
AFP, Yahoo News Australia, 11-18-2020 Many of the large media outlets are openly partisan, backing Beijing-friendly politicians or their opponents
"It is completely and utterly hypocritical for governments to invoke press freedom only when it fits their agenda," tweeted KMT chairman Johnny Chiang.
It called for NCC to make public all the evidence it examined and apply the same standards to all future license reviews regardless of their political orientation. 
He has sparked criticism in the past for being overtly pro-Beijing and imposing his political preferences on the media outlets he owns.
The NCC accused Tsai of making direct and indirect interventions in news coverage by CTi.

One example was a false report that local farmers had to dump massive quantities of pomelo fruit last year because they were unable to sell their produce to mainland China as relations soured.

Times of India, 11-18-2020 The channel, which vowed to fight the decision in court, says the government is seeking to silence those who do not support its policies. Taiwan's government has repeatedly said China has stepped up efforts, including a media campaign, to infiltrate and gain influence on the democratic island
SCMP, 11-18-2020 CTI: The Tsai government has closed CTi; press freedom is dead! CTi is seen as pro-China and the decision marks the first time the regulator has effectively shut down a television news station  It cited evidence of editorial interference from major shareholder Tsai Eng-meng
The Straits Times, 11-18-2020
The rejection of CTi cable's request is the first time Taiwan has shut, even though indirectly, a television news station since the regulator, the National Communications Commission was set up in 2006.
The decision provoked immediate anger from CTi and Taiwan's main opposition party, which called it an attack on media
CTi had been fined for several violations such as failure to check facts and endangering the public interest
Focus on Taiwan, 11-18-2020 at the time of the hearing that the Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) government was looking to close the station, effectively threatening Taiwan's media freedom
CTiTV called the day "the darkest" for the freedom of press and speech since martial law was lifted over 30 years ago.
In denying the license renewal based on two reasons -- the number of complaints that led to fines imposed on the station and the interference of a major shareholder -- the NCC "ignored the issue of political manipulation and disregarded communication theory and practice," CTiTV said.
"Under the NCC's current standards, every news stations in Taiwan should be shut down,"
Though CTi News submitted eight measures during the review process to improve the situation, Chen contended that none of them would have eliminated the interference of major shareholders in its news.
China Times, editorial 11-19-2020
Freedom of the press is dead! ! !
The ruling authorities ignored the Constitution's guarantees for freedom of speech. The National Communications Commission (NCC) betrayed the establishment purpose of the Constitutional Freedom of Speech stipulated in Article 1 of its Organic Law and decided to shut down the CTI News Channel. This was a naked, a blatant political ruling.  NCC finished the assignment Taiwan president Tsai gave.

In the 2018 elections, CTI TV stood on the opposite side of the ruling party. As a result, the DPP suffered a fiasco, the authorities grew enmity and decided to revenge CTI.

The reasons NCC claimed for shutting down the CTI  are completely ignorant of media practice and even violate the basic principles of communication. If the same standards are used,  should all news stations in Taiwan be shut down?  The gov, wants to kill one to scare many, and forces all media to follow the authorities, otherwise the same would be the case.

  United Daily, China Times, Apple Daily, Liberty Times are four major news in Taiwan.
UDN, editorial, 11-19-2020 NCC  passed the elimination of CTi News with "no objection" . Another symbolic meaning is: this is a "beheading" of Taiwan's freedom of speech, because the DPP government no longer allows "objection."   From today on, NCC is no longer an independent institution !
Apple Daily, editorial, 11-19-2020
We express our regret for NCC's Shutting Cti TV Channel
The National Communications Commission (NCC) rejected the Zhongtian News Channel’s renewal case results in a harm to the image of Taiwan’s press freedom, We express our regret for this.
LTN no comment



A brief of Taiwan, ROC

"We call ourselves the Republic of China, Taiwan", president Tsai has told BBC UK at Jan. 15, 2020, but later BBC changed it to "the Republic of China (Taiwan)".  This self-governing island country lies roughly 100 miles off the coast of southeastern China ( Taiwan's small island, Kinmens,  just one mile off China ) .  Taiwan's current population around 24 million is roughly the same as Australia’s, close to New York's, but the area of Australia is 207 times larger than Taiwan's, that of NY is about 4 times Taiwan's.  Taipei's housing price is triple Tokyo's or Singapore's.  Taiwan climate is subtropical.

  area population   data Dec., 2020 Ratio of house price to income means you should eat & drink nothing for 14.39 years
 to buy a house
in Taipei
UK 7 Taiwan 3 Taiwan Taipei (Taiwan) 14.39
Japan 10 Taiwan 5 Taiwan Tokyo (Japan) 5
Australia 207 Taiwan same Singapore 4.5

Taiwan's travel and tourism competitiveness is ranked No.10 among Asian nations (WEF,  9-4-2019),  Taiwan's soft power has never entered top 30, losing Asia-Pacific's Japan, Australia,  NZ, China, Singapore, Korea, UAE, India, Thailand, Qatar in recent years (USC, Portland , Monocle's Soft Power Survey, 2010 ~ 2020). Taiwan's higher education is ranked about No.7~9 in the region (QS  UK, Times, Nature Index, ARWU World 2019~2020) Taipei is behind other AP cities Melbourne, Sydney, Osaka (Japan), Tokyo, Adelaide, Auckland (NZ), Wellington, Brisbane, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc in EIU's Global Livability Index Ranking 2019.   Taiwan's justice ministry was insufficiently independent (USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices , 2018, 2019;  ). CTN opinion (4-12-2019): Taiwan's three presidents should be ashamed of Taiwan's judiciary.


To contrast China's 'authoritarian', Westerners gave too many fulsome compliments to Taiwan's democracy, however, Taiwan's democracy is "Flawed" ( Economist EIU Democracy Index '19 released in 2020) , and even is at surface level or in name only.  N.Y. Times, 12-1-2019:  soft underbelly of Taiwanese politics: patronage networks.  They continue to allow community leaders, farmers’ associations and even organized-crime figures to buy votes.  The Liberty Times, 1-12-2020, editorial: The administration's rottenness smells already.... It has shown a retrogressive trend in recent years, the freedom of speech, publication, assembly etc were persecuted by excuses such as national security (NHU paper, Jun. '20). Taiwan not only harm its democracy for national security, but also harm its national security for democracy.  Now China keeps inching closer to Taiwan, hence western experts (e.g., Foreign Policy, 10-28-2020, Financial Times (UK), 7-12-2020 ) warned Taiwan to make urgent defense reforms such as increasing the existing four-month conscription and improving reservist systems, but, Taiwanese politicians are afraid to discuss this issue with the public for months because they believe Taiwanese people are not willing to sacrifice, and considering electoral realities, Taiwan’s leaders don't want to shift to a policy could be deeply unpopular among the young voters courted by the ruling party (DPP), according to Foreign Policy (10-19-2020).   New York Times (5-18-2017) criticized Taiwan's nearly two million reservists "exist in name only" - but nothing big has changed till present.  Besides, Taiwan lacks good separation & balance of powers between the ruling party and the opposition, the executive and the legislative, the government and the media. The press freedom is ranked No.43 in 2020.  At end of 2020, Taiwan shuts Pro-China TV channel in battle over press freedom first ever since Taiwan’s liberation, which could have a "chilling effect, strongly impacting press freedom".


The People's Republic of China (PRC) has identified that Taiwan as part of its territory and its most important core interest, since the Kuomintang (Nationalists or KMT) government retreated to the island in 1949 following defeat in the Chinese civil war.  China has traditionally used a  double strategy  of “carrot and stick”  towards Taiwan, on one hand, it has vowed to reunite this "breakaway province" by force if necessary, and has been ramping up military, diplomatic and economic pressure on Taiwan since president Tsai I.W. (2016 ~) refused to recognise the "1992 consensus" a 'pseudo'-agreement made by Taiwan's KMT party and the Chinese Communist Party, that proclaimed "the existence of only one China ”, but “ with different interpretations ” (being free to decide which side was legitimate.).  In early 2019,  CCP Xi openly equates One Country Two Systems with the 1992 Consensus to eliminate other interpretations.   Under China's political development and strengthening its trade ties to our allies, Taiwan is diplomatically isolated, has only 15 formal relation allies till 2020 (Taiwan lost Salvador etc 3 allies within half yr. China rankled TW president's visit to NASA - LA Times 8-20-2018), most of them are little, unknown countries.  On the other hand, China took the strategy " Allowance of economic benefits to Taiwan"("讓利", such as charming Taiwan by offering preferential treatment in a soft power bid  /  le monde diplmatique  may 2019;   40% exports from Taiwan to China / CTN 5-30-2020;    mainland China remains the largest market outside Taiwan for Taiwanese workers and companies, with around 1 million Taiwanese working there /  German Institute for Int'l and security affairs, 2-7-2020    encouraging tourists to Taiwan/  WEF <Travel and tourism competitiveness report> of 2019 shows Taiwan had the sub-region's largest decline in competitiveness,  Taiwan's overall score ranks 10th in Asia.     L.A. Times, 8-1-2019: The indefinite suspension of individual travel visa is likely to prove a major economic hit to Taiwan, as well as a blow to cultural interplay. ) so that Taiwanese people may have higher tendency toward unification with China.  Now 52% Taiwanese want closer economic ties with the mainland China.  Taiwanese understood this interdependence is unavoidable, but over-dependence is risky.  Modern Diplomacy (EU) at 6-9-2020: Roughly 26 percent of Taiwan’s trade is with China, which is its largest trading partner.  China has replaced US as No 1 destination for Taiwanese export accounting for approximately 40% of total exports (Hong Kong included).  New York Times 12-3-2019: Trade between China and Taiwan exceeded $181 billion in 2017, up from about $35.5 billion in 1999.  Global Times 9-8-2020: Taiwan enjoys a surplus of nearly $100 billion with the mainland every year.


President Tsai (ruling party DPP) in her inauguration speech at 5-20-2020 reiterated that Taiwan calls for stability in China relations but would reject being ruled by China in the same way Hong Kong is now (semiautonomy), and announced TW will revise the constitution which may be interpreted by Beijing as a ploy to formalize Taiwan's independence Soon in the annual meeting of China’s parliament, there was no mention of the word  "peaceful" in front of “reunification”, departing from the standard expression Chinese leaders have used for at least four decades,  an apparent policy shift that comes as ties with Taipei continue on a downward spiral (Reuters 5-22-2020).  Washington Post (7-22-2020) reports: In a major speech in January 2019, Xi (Chinese president) offered an ultimatum to Taiwan to come to the table for unification talks or face annexation by force.  Then, in Mar., the PLA warplane crossed the Taiwan Strait "median line" that has served as a "de facto border" (Newsweek, 8-11-2020) or "the de facto cease-fire line" ( Japan's asia nikkei review, 8-13-2020) for the first time since the end of Chinese civil war in 1949 (Newsweek, 8-12-2020). However, Taiwan's government was tight-lipped about this ultimatum, a everyone's life-and-death issue, otherwise pro-Independence DPP's candidate Tsai I. W. may not easily continue in presidential office in Jan. 2020, because, according to National Interest (6-16-2020): more than 60.3 percent of the respondents opposed Taiwan's independence if it is followed by China’s military invasion... Foreign Affairs (9-2-2020): fewer than ten percent support pursuing independence.


The United States,  Taiwan's most important protector,  “acknowledges” there is one China and Taiwan is part of China, but has never officially “recognized” Taiwan as part of China.  The US Congress passed a law ("Taiwan Relations Act") to commit the US to defend Taiwan's sovereignty, and provide necessary 'defensive' services.    Many countries seem welcome this ambiguity.   Yomiuri Shimbun, Opinion, 6-22-2017 stated the US is the key to keep the peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait ("米国は台湾の防衛力強化を担っており、台湾海峡の平和と安定のカギを握る"。).  But the U.S. does not have an “iron-clad” commitment to defend Taiwan, despite Taiwan's leaders made an assumption that American will always come to protect this island, and made a core policy to resist Chinese PLA for about 2 weeks only, former president Ma was lashed out by many DPP politicians and pan-Green media for his opinion The US won't come to the island's rescue in time.  The US Naval Institute's <Proceedings> (Aug. '20) and two authors (former CIA director and top official) were sort of put down for similar reason.


The US Dept. Defense report (9-1-2020) shows that China-Taiwan military balance has tilted in favor of the China's side,  Foreign Policy (2-15-2020) even names Taiwan’s military is a 'Hollow Shell', and comments (8-20-2020) Taiwan should just focus on putting up a good show of being tough, buy enough U.S. weapons for display, and pray that Americans come to our rescue.  Beijing regards reunification of the mainland and Taiwan is priceless  and  a "sacred mission” ,  'do or die' prestige issue.  The policy of “strategic ambiguity” the US applying for 40 years is unlikely to deter a confident and "more potent" China with growing military capabilities any more, but there have been no moves from the US to shift strategic ambiguity to strategic clarity hot debates about passing Taiwan Defense Act are still going on among military specialists and within the Pentagon, 9-23-2020:  Senator Marco Rubio : Helping Taiwan to win an all-out conflict against China would not be a way to reach that goal,  “That’s not possible.” Instead, Washington should assist Taipei “to have the capability to raise the cost of military adventurism there to a level that China’s not willing to pay..."


New York Times 9-5-2019:  it would also be a catastrophe if Taiwan were blockaded or squashed into submission, because Taiwan is the source of 90+ % of the most advanced computer chips, and stands in the way of any Chinese projection into the Pacific.   In May 2020, the US asked TSMC in Taiwan to build a factory in Arizona as a "Pressure Point" in tech. fight with China (N.Y. Times, 5-19-2020) , which may weaken Taiwan's security (Japan's日本経済新聞 Nikkei news, Nihon keizai shinbun )  .  The LOWY Institute ( Australia ), The Interpreter, 6-16-2020 : treating Taiwan as a conduit to frustrate Beijing imperils Taiwan’s security.  Reuters 8-27-2020: China has refused to talk to Tsai, believing she is a separatist bent on declaring a Republic of Taiwan.


Taiwan is the 7th largest economy in Asia.   Global Wealth Report (Credit Suisse, Oct., 2018) shows Taiwanese wealth per adult, at USD 212,375, is close to that of W. Euro., (UK USD 279,048, France USD  280,580) and Singapore (USD 283,118 ), Hong Kong (244,672), but nation's share world wealth (1.3%) is less than USA(31%), Japan(7.5%), China(16.4%) and Korea(2.2%).  Singapore's GDP per adult is more than 2 times Taiwan's.   In Global Wealth Report of 2019, in terms of Wealth per Adult, Taiwan is behind other Asian countries like Hong Kong (world No.2), Australia (4th), NZ (5th), Singapore (6th), Japan.  United Daily, editorial, 12-3-2019: The amount of average regular monthly earnings of nationals of last year is NTD38,000 (USD1200) which is NT100+ less than that of 2001.

Taiwan was one of the world's top producers of computer technology, relying upon importation of key components and advanced technology from the US ( e.g., semiconductor ) and Japan,  Taiwan's high-tech sector is falling behind for lacking of key tech. and its low pay to attract university-educated talent. (Taiwan lacks key tech. to make a large bus / CTN , 3-29-2017)   Taiwan's GDP per capita retreated successively in recent years, UDN (1-28-2019) reported GDP per capita of Shanghai, Beijing, GuangZhou and SenZhen all were closed to that of Taiwan.  China's GDP from 2016 till 2018 each is about 23 times the number of Taiwan's, one province (GD's GDP) alone is 2+ times Taiwan's (ref. to CTN, 3-14-2019)Beijing oversees economy is 15 times bigger than Taiwan’s (Forbes, 9-4-2020).  Taiwan's 中研院 (Academic Sinica '17) warned that Taiwan will fall into “middle-income” limbo (15-30 countries will catch up with it) in the next 10 years if it fails to deal with “three evil hands”, the law, environmental assessments, and Taiwan-China relations. 


GDP per capita  (USD)

  Singapore 64 thousands
Hong Kong 48 thousands
South Korea 30+ thousands


just set up a goal USD 30 thousands to reach

     In world media's eyes, Taiwan is  ~  

"conduit (tool)"  /    The LOWY Institute( think tank in Australia ) , 6-16-2020 : treating Taiwan as a conduit to frustrate Beijing imperils Taiwan’s security... and then the United States abandons Taiwan to deal with the consequences.

"meat on chopping blocks" New York Times , 9-18-2020: Taiwan has become completely dependent on the United States,... Many people are saying that Taiwan has become the meat on others’ chopping blocks”

 "human bomb"  /  Global Times, 9-8-2020: US sets Taiwan up as a 'human bomb'  ( drive the little to poke the big  )

  "food on the menu"  /  SCMP, 10-7-2020: "If you are not at the table, you are on the menu,” When the great powers sit at the geopolitical table, Taiwan has long been on the menu."

  "a dog under control"  /  Eurasian Times  7-9-2020: The Tsai authority ... turns to Washington and is willing to be used.  Taiwan Now Under ‘Deep Control’ Of The US.

◆  "a rat" Le Monde diplomatique of France, '16: an illustration depicts Taiwan as a trembling sweating rat, doing nothing to approaching huge cat (China), but turning around and  lifting high a banner "$O$" . 

◆  “a ticking time bomb"   /  Brookings, 12-14-2020:  Taiwan should follow suit and take a pragmatic approach, and avoid becoming what Graham Allision described as “a ticking time bomb" that could lead to a tragic conflict

  "a bargaining chip"  /  Forbes, 10-5-2020:  It would be a mistake for the U.S. to pursue an FTA as part of its China policy or to use Taiwan as a bargaining chip, and Taiwan has reasons to be wary as well.

◆  " a tradable pawn", "a useful chess piece"  /  Global Times, 8-23-2020: Taiwan is a useful chess piece for the US only because of the US strategy to suppress the Chinese mainland. On the one hand, Washington exploits the Taiwan question to contain China, on the other hand it is inciting tensions and making money by selling arms to Taiwan...Taiwan is a tradable pawn.  Taiwan for the US is only a tradable chess piece, but for the mainland, reunification of the mainland and Taiwan is priceless.

◆   "dispensable  irritant"  /   Asia Times, 11-16-2020;   Washington Post 1-18-2019: Trump abandoned the Kurds in Syria. Could Taiwan be next ?  WP, 7-14-2020: Trump's policies are undermining the security of Taiwan's democracy ...





News 2020     Express (UK), 6-10-2020:  South China Sea crisis: US sends drones and B-1B bombers over disputed waters as Taiwan invasion fears soar.  Pew Research , 6-10-2020:  In Taiwan and across the region, many support closer economic ties with both U.S. and mainland China...  (  L. A. Times, 6-8-2020:  China reins in nationalists clamoring for an invasion of Taiwan.  The only thing assured about a war between China and Taiwan, experts say, is heavy casualties.  Forbes, 6-7-2020:  China’s impressive array of new warships, and the expanding capabilities they bring, adds a lot to the credibility of the military scenario... but “Taking Taiwan would be the one of the most difficult amphibious operations in history...".   New York Times, 6-6-2020:  Voters in Taiwan Oust a Pro-China Mayor ... reflects a stunning reversal and a hardening of Taiwan’s attitude toward China.  NewsWeek 6-5-2020: If Washington does not act comprehensively and urgently, it could be Hong Kong today and Taiwan next.  The diplomat 6-3-2020:  the 3 flashpoints (Taiwan, HK, S. China Sea) that could turn a US-China cold war hot ... dangerously close to a tipping point where even a small action would serve as a catalyst  that lets slip the dogs of war.  Express (UK), 6-3-2020: South China Sea warning: All-out war fears erupt as Beijing rejects Taiwan peace plan.  Financial Times  6-3-2020 :   shrill rhetoric would make many believe that an assault on Taiwan could be imminent...  Washington Post, 5-30-2020:   The threat, China's vows to 'smash' any Taiwan independence move as Trump weighs sanctions, raised the prospect of a regional conflict that could draw in the United States...... the rapid deterioration in relations, already at their worst in decades.  Economist: 5-29-2020  How far will China go?  China has launched rule by fear not just over Hong Kong, but also over the South China Sea and Taiwan.   Epoch Times, 5-30-2020, S. Bannon:  there are forces in Washington DC pushing the United States to establish formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan.   L.A. Times 5-20-2020: the ruling Democratic Progressive Party advocates Taiwan’s formal independence, something Beijing says it will use force to prevent.   Foreign Policy 5-20-2020:  Taiwan would reject being ruled by China in the same way Hong Kong is now.   The Guardian, 5-20-2020: Beijing also responded swiftly to Tsai’s speech and said China would never leave any room for “Taiwan independence separatist activities”.   Reuters 5-22-2020:  In the annual meeting of China’s parliament, there was no mention of the word  "peaceful" in front of “reunification”, departing from the standard expression Chinese leaders have used for at least four decades,  an apparent policy shift that comes as ties with Taipei continue on a downward spiral.   Washington Post,  5-21-20: As U.S.-China rhetoric grows harsher, new risks emerge with Taiwan drawn into the mix.   People's Daily (China), 5-24-2020 :  Chinese PLA will take all necessary measures to resolutely safeguard China's national sovereignty and territorial integrity.   Financial Times  5-19-2020 : Taiwan fears uptick in military threat from China in wake of coronavirus epidemic   New York Times 5-19-2020: US is Using Taiwan as a Pressure Point  (TSMC in Arizona ...) in Tech Fight With China.   Nikkei news Japan ( Nihon keizai shinbun,  日本経済新聞 ) , 5-20-2020: TSMC to Arizona may weaken Taiwan's security.   New York Times, 5-12-2020, Pew Research Center:  (Taiwanese) 52% support closer economic ties with China, only 36% favor closer political ties.    Foreign Policy 5-15-2020:  Beijing were to interpret ...... coronavirus as a uniquely advantageous moment, a Chinese military strike on Taiwan at this moment is unlikely... ... but a low level of risk is not the same as zero risk.   National Review 5-13-2020 : The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission: China Has Increased Military Pressure on Taiwan during Pandemic  ( FP 5-15-2020 : dozens of PLAAF aircraft crossed the centerline twice).   New York Post, 4-15-2020 the 12th time in the past three weeks that American military planes had been detected near the area (Taiwan’s airspace).  China Times, opinion, 5-9-2020: US B-1B flew near Taiwan 3 times.    CNN 2-19-2020:  TW president:  "Taiwan as an underdog facing down the growing might of Beijing" ...  Taiwan military   Sankei News (Japan)《産経新聞》5-18-2020, headline : 米中  台湾加WHA対 ,  WHO『新冷戦 舞台 ( a duel between the US and China for Taiwan's WHA participation ).    New York Times, 4-22-2020: The island is promoting itself as a model of democracy to try to undercut China’s own campaign to use the crisis to tout the strength of its authoritarian system.    New York Post  4-25-2020 : Taiwan deals with CovID-19 with "a lot more authoritarian.", "almost everyone is tracked." .   Le Monde (France), 4-30-2020: engrange peu à peu les dividendes géopolitiques de sa performance dans la lutte contre le coronavirus. (FP 5-15-2020 : Beijing is concerned Taiwan will benefit from the pandemic.)   CNN 2-19-2020: Taiwan president:  "Taiwan as an underdog facing down the growing might of Beijing" ...   DailyMail UK,  France 24 , 4-20-2020:  CoronaVirus: WHO chief hits back (by "Taiwan didn't report any human-to-human transmission," , "Taiwan's email was only seeking further information.") at Trump's claims (White House 4-15-2020: WHO kept Taiwan's lead from the public).  FOXnews 4-9-2020, CNBC 4-8-20:  WHO chief addresses death threats, racist insults from Taiwan.  The China Times, 4-10-2020 editorial : Taiwanese Cyber bullying notorious worldwide.   Reuters 2-26-2020:  Taiwan should continue to show goodwill to China during coronavirus outbreak and not give Beijing an excuse to attack the island as a way of relieving “internal pressure” ... Chinese public opinion believes people in Taiwan lack sympathy about China’s virus outbreak...  L.A. Times 1-10-2020 ~ 1-11-2020:  Taiwan election... a vote guided by anxiety about China ... Taiwan's president sweeps to reelection, setting the stage for chilly relations with China .    Bloomberg 1-9-2020: Slow income growth and aging society post challenge ahead, Taiwanese income-per-person, income per capita, lowest of Four Tigers.   Diplomat 1-3-2020:  Taiwan anti-infiltration act targets at curbing Chinese influence but critics say it threatens the country's democracy. (brief)   


News ~ 2019 :   New York Times, 11-25-2019: The US is the largest source of military equipment for Taiwan, Taiwan is the largest beneficiary of "trade diversion" in exports to the US (1st half yr. '19).   The Independent  (UK),11-25-2019:  Taiwan president Tsai's ruling party denounced “The enemy of democracy is China. At present Taiwan's most ambitious opponent, competitor, is also China”.    New York Times, 9-20-2019:  As Taiwan Loses Influence, China Gains Ground in Race With U.S.;   Washington Post , 9-25-2019: China’s growing dominance in the South Pacific is a defeat for an America in retreat.    WSJ , 9-20-2019: It’s clearly a big win for China having the two largest allies of Taiwan in the Pacific drop so quickly...  ;  WEF <Travel and tourism competitiveness report> of 2019 shows Taiwan had the sub-region's largest decline in competitiveness,  Taiwan ranks 10th in Asia, Taiwan's prioritization of travel & tourism ranks world No.75 ;   L. A. Times, 8-1-2019: The indefinite suspension (Chinese individual tourists to TW) is likely to prove a major economic hit to Taiwan, as well as a blow to cultural interplay.   New York Times 4-10-2019: The US considers Taiwan's political status to be undetermined ... Taiwan Relations Act. calls for Taiwan's status to be determined by peaceful means.  Bloomberg 7-15-2019: the island provides a vital link in a chain of American security partnerships in Western Pacific.  NEW YORK times 7-10-2019: Taiwan's ties with Washington under the Trump administration were the strongest since official diplomatic relations ended 40 years ago.   Washington Post, 3-28-2019: in Taiwan, it’s China that dominates every discussion. Beijing’s malign influence is apparent everywhere, while the United States is seen as largely absent.  Bloomberg news 3-14-2018:  Taiwan will suffer even more, as it gets caught  in the middle between a stronger China and a inward-looking US...   CNN 6-17-2019: mass protests (in Hong Kong) emboldened anti-China elements in Taiwan.   New York Times 4-1-2019: Taiwan protests China jets crossing center of Taiwan Strait, a provocation that seeks to alter the status quo ...  an intentional act.    Japan Times, 4-1-2019: China's move also comes less than a week after the U.S. sent ships through the strait ( mission was unusual) — the third time in as many months...those sailings have likely been interpreted by China as implicit support for self-ruled Taiwan.     Reuters 2-25-2019: US Navy ships ... riling China.  New York Times 1-19-2019:  Most of Taiwan’s 23 million people are in favor of maintaining the island’s de facto independence without taking any formal moves that might bring a military response from China.  Le Monde France 1-2-2019:  Le président chinois « n’exclut pas » la force pour récupérer Taïwan.    BBC UK 1-2-2019:  The US is by far Taiwan's only ally...most other countries seem happy to accept the current ambiguity...    New York Times 11-28-2018: Will Taiwan Be the First Domino to Fall to China?    New York Times, 11-23-2018:  China said the results (Taiwan votes in elections) reflected a desire of Taiwanese for better relations with the mainland.    New York Times 11-28-2018: Will Taiwan Be the First Domino to Fall to China?   Le Monde (France), 11-24-2018: A Taïwan, des élections sous influence chinoise.   Annual Report to US Congress ( Military and Security Developments Involving the PRC ), 8-17-2018:  Much of Beijing’s defense budget is focused on developing the capability to unify Taiwan by force;  CBS News 11-14-2018:  If the United States had to fight China in a war over Taiwan, Americans could face a decisive military defeat. /  National Defense Strategy Commission  ;  New York Times at  6-12-2018:  US  unveils an office (AIT) in Taiwan, but sends no top officials ... to avoid bigger clash with China;   USA Today 5-18-2018: Xi JinPing has signaled that China will seek to reclaim its historical properties by 2049.   Freebeacon 5-17-2018 :   2020—the deadline that [Chinese supreme leader] Xi Jinping has given the [People's Liberation Army] to be ready to invade Taiwan.   The US subcommittee hearing (4-17-2018) Rep. Ted Soho,  Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific: Seems likely Xi will force the issue (unification) in his life time.  Bloomberg 3-14-2018: Trump's "Taiwan card" (to annoy China when needed) is China's real worry.     Deutsche Welle 3-17-2018: China has reacted angrily to the bill (Trump signed <Taiwan Travel Act> which pave way for official exchanges with Taiwan, and identifies indirectly (?) Taiwan as a country ― "visits to a country by United States cabinet members ...". ).    Bloomberg news 3-14-2018:  Taiwan will suffer even more, as it gets caught  in the middle between a stronger China and a inward-looking US...    Washington Post at 10-18-2017: "Mr. Xi’s biggest applause line was a vow to 'never allow anyone. . . at any time or in any form, to separate any part of Chinese territory from China.'  That would include...Taiwan." (in 19th CPC Speech).   FreeBeacon at 10-19-2017 : "China’s Xi Jinping Slams the Door on Taiwanese Appeals for Independence.".    Spiegel Germany, 1-9-2017, Global Times of China: "There is no room for negotiations" ("Es gibt keinen Raum für Verhandlungen").   Le Monde group of France, Mai 2016, depicted Taiwan as a trembling sweating rat (click for details !!), turning its back on an approaching huge cat (China), lifting high the banner "$O$" .  New York Times at  11-4-2017, the Pentagon report, May 2017: China’s military modernization has “eroded or negated many of Taiwan’s historical advantages (geography and the US support) ” in deterring a potential attack.  




         local & int'l news reviews on Taiwan     


China's Military Power Report /  annual Report to US Congress (2020)

                Military and Security Developments involving P.R.C. 2020 


US Defense Gov. 2020 report, 9-1-2020 /  Chinese military VS. Taiwanese military





Taiwanese military vs. Chinese military

   pic. left :   Ground Forces - Taiwan vs. China ;      pic. right :   Naval Forces - Taiwan vs. China 



   pic. left :   Air Forces - Taiwan vs. China ;      pic. right :  China's Rocket Forces



(1)  China’s multi-decademilitary modernization effort has eroded or negated many of the military advantages that Taiwan has historically enjoyed the context of a cross-Strait conflict.

(2)  Taiwan is taking important steps to compensate for the growing disparities – building its war reserve stocks, growing its defense-industrial base, improving joint operations and crisis response capabilities,and strengthening its officer and noncommissioned officer corps – these improvements only partially address Taiwan’s declining defensive advantages.

(3)  The modified strategy stresses enhanced asymmetric capabilities, as well as suggesting greater reliance on Taiwan’s Air Force and Navy.

(4)  The transition (active duty forces to all-volunteer force ) has slowed due to severe difficulties recruiting volunteers.

(5)  Taiwan has stated that it is working to develop new concepts and capabilities for asymmetric warfare. Some specific areas of emphasis include offensive and defensive information & EW,high-speed stealth vessels ,shore-based mobile missiles  rapid mining and minesweeping  unmanned aerial systems and critical infrastructure protection.


These circumstances PLA would use forces have included:
1. Formal declaration of Taiwan independence; 2. Undefined moves toward Taiwan independence; 3. Internal unrest in Taiwan; 4. Taiwan’s acquisition of nuclear weapons; 5. Indefinite delays in the resumption of cross-Strait dialogue on unification; 6. Foreign intervention in Taiwan’s internal affairs;  7. Foreign forces stationed on Taiwan.

(1) China could pursue a measured approach by signaling its readiness to use force or conduct punitive actions against Taiwan. The PLA could also conduct a more comprehensive campaign designed to force Taiwan to capitulate to unification, or unification dialogue under China’s terms.
(2) China would attempt to delay and defeat intervention in an asymmetric, limited war of short duration. In the event of a protracted conflict, China might choose to escalate cyberspace, space, or nuclear activities in an attempt to end the conflict, or it might choose to fight to a stalemate and pursue a political settlement.
(3) China has a range of options for military campaigns against Taiwan, from an air and maritime blockade to a full-scale amphibious invasion to seize and occupy some or all of Taiwan or its offshore islands.

   ●   kinetic blockades of maritime and air traffic, including a cut-off of Taiwan’s vital imports, to force Taiwan’s capitulation. Large-scale missile strikes and possible seizures of Taiwan’s offshore islands would accompany a Joint Blockade in an attempt to achieve a rapid Taiwan surrender, while at the same time, posturing air and naval forces to conduct weeks or months of blockade operations if necessary. China will also likely complement its air and maritime blockade operations with concurrent electronic warfare (EW), network attacks, and information operations (IO) to further isolate Taiwan’s authorities and populace and to control the international narrative of the conflict.

   ●  a variety of disruptive, punitive, or lethal military actions in a limited campaign against Taiwan, probably in conjunction with overt and clandestine economic and political activities supported by a variety of IO to shape perceptions or undercut the effectiveness or legitimacy of the Taiwan authorities. Such a campaign could include computer network or limited kinetic attacks against Taiwan’s political, military, and economic infrastructure to induce fear in Taiwan and degrade the Taiwan population’s confidence in their leaders.
 Air and Missile Campaign. China could use missile attacks and precision air strikes against air defense systems, including air bases, radar sites, missiles, space assets, and communications facilities to degrade Taiwan’s defenses, neutralize Taiwan’s leadership, or break the Taiwan people’s resolve.
 ●  The most prominent of these, the Joint Island Landing Campaign, envisions a complex operation relying on coordinated, interlocking campaigns for logistics, air, and naval support, and EW. The objective would be to break through or circumvent shore defenses, establish and build a beachhead, transport personnel and materiel to designated landing sites in the north or south of Taiwan’s western coastline, and launch attacks to seize and occupy key targets or the entire island.








 NewsWeek, 7-21-2020


Once military conflict breaks out -  

A slight plurality of 31 percent

assigned blame to

Chinese President Xi Jinping,

while 30 percent of respondents

said they believed both Xi and

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen

were responsible

and 24 percent blamed Tsai.






◆  Eurasian Times


The Tsai authority knows that

Taiwan  cannot compete with

the mainland on its own,

and therefore turns to Washington

and is willing to be used.
Taiwan Now Under ‘Deep Control’

Of The US.


●   NHK Japan, 7-20-2020:Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen has warned that the island will face
 intensifying pressure from China.


●  Washington Post 7-22-2020: the Taiwanese fm : urging "extreme caution" in the island's dealings with a Chinese
 leadership in Beijing that he described as both increasingly emboldened and insecure.


●  Daily Mail, 7-22-2020:  Foreign Minister Wu:  'The threat is on the rise' !! 
intrusions 'happened almost every day' in June and were 'much more frequent' than what the government had disclosed to the public.
 China has also made several 'simulated' military attacks on Taiwan.  ( ps: media didn't report it's on an almost daily basis since Jun.  )



 CNN 2-19-2020 exclusive interview with Taiwanese president Tsai I. W. : "What we are expecting is, after withstanding

the first wave of Chinese attacks ourselves, the rest of the world would stand up to exert strong pressure on China" .... 

"Taiwan as an underdog facing down the growing might of Beijing" ...  

Therefore, Taiwan's fears soar as
China repeats threat to INVADE the small island nearby.



◆  Washington Post (7-22-2020) reports:  
In Jan. 2019, Xi (Chinese president) offered
 an ultimatum to Taiwan to come to the table for
unification talks or face annexation
 by force.   However, Taiwan's government was
tight-lipped about this ultimatum, otherwise pro-Independence Tsai I. W. may not continue in
presidential office in 2020, because,
according to
National Interest (6-16-2020):

more than 60.3 percent of the respondents
 opposed Taiwan's independence

if it is followed by
China’s military invasion







(headline of Taiwan News)


Fox News, 5-27-2020: Taiwan Foreign minister warns Taiwan is next on Chinese agenda ( military actions )
and asks for international support. 
(Taiwan), 5-27-2020: Taiwan president: keep our eyes peeled for China's military actions




Taiwanese military   vs.   Chinese military

  Taiwan military



Foreign Policy, 10-19-2020: Taiwan needs huge arsenals of mobile missile launchers, armed drones, and mines; developing an army that can surge
tens of thousands of troops to any beach in an hour backed by a million-strong reserve force trained to fight guerrilla-style in Taiwan’s cities and jungles.
 it could take a decade to retool the Taiwanese and U.S. militaries to mount an effective defense of the island. 
With China’s rapid military buildup, that may be time that Taiwan does not have
Reuters , 12-10-2020: Taiwan is suffering a serious and worsening decay in the readiness and training of its troops, particularly its army units...
crucial element is dramatic reform of the reserves and civil defense units, creating urban and guerrilla warfare units... but " It is almost as if fighting
to defend the country is somebody else’s responsibility,” expert says

New York times,  8-30-2020:  Taiwan's Lawmaker said Taiwan’s military needs to improve a lot
  Forbes, 8-30-2020: Taiwan simply does not have enough firepower to  defeat a Chinese invasion without the help of the U.S. military



 ( soldiers, officials )

  Taiwan’s Military Is a Hollow Shell.  US Defense Department officials have privately expressed dismal assessments regarding Taiwan's current force level and reserve system.
armor, mechanized infantry, and artillery units are always in desperate shortage of enlisted soldiers
  few front-line units have more than 80 percent of their positions filled  /  Foreign Policy, 2-15-2020;
Taiwan's active force down to under 200,000 (the exact number is classified). The nearly two million reservists exist in name only... /  New York times,  5-18-2017
  The ROC (Taiwan) Armed Forces number approximately 300,000, and reserves reportedly total 3,870,000.   /  Wikipedia, May 2020
Taiwan began to phase out mandatory conscription for all young men, which was deeply unpopular, in favor of an all-volunteer force; 4 months of compulsory service ... training is "insufficient to meet the challenges posed by the increasing threat (RAND, '17)  /  New York times,  8-30-2020

◆   Only 310 thousands out of 770 thousands of qualified reservists were called up for short-term military training, from 2015 to 2017, 61 thousands of those escaped the duty  / Formosa TV news, 8-3-2018, 10-15-2019
◆  only 84,000 are demobilised volunteer force soldiers, the best-trained and most motivated group  /   Financial Times, 7-12-2020
Taiwan’s military is also not in the most optimal state.  For instance, Taiwanese males serve only four months of conscripted military service, in comparison to over 20 months for Singaporean men and at least 18 months for South Korean men.  /   Hong Kong Free Press 7-15-2020
◆  Reserve force is short of both officers and sergeants, their speciality far match the position  /  United Daily, 10-2-2020 

strategy ◆  To against the threats of cyber warfare, cognitive warfare, and ‘unrestricted’ warfare from China , we ( Taiwan ) work to bolster our defense capabilities, future combat capacity development will also emphasize mobility, countermeasures, and non-traditional, asymmetrical capabilitie