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updated news (2-21-2019) from FECO, Europe

In the summer of 2017, Federation Cartoonists Organizations have published a gallery for Musa Kart:

FECO supports this action (2-28-2019) !  click for details;  Azerbaijan's free expression (3-2-2019)


Till a meeting with professor John Lent in Feb. 2019 I eventually knew the International Journal of Comic Art (with my article on it) was mailed to me in 2017, but was lost in middle way, this happened again and again before, including press card  and Feco News from Euro., IJOCA from USA.    Recall around 2009, post office sent a man to my house and explained that unit(s) other than post office can 'touch' the post...


damaged web-pages of the site

dirty attacks !  free speech is worse ever in the past 20 years !   prime suspects are ... ?   11-22-'18

Taiwan justice  (e.g., page1, page2, etc). New form attacks happened at 11-20-2018 ... each char. being typed in took a long time (seconds, even 10+ minutes, or forever) to be shown on the screen while updating my web-pages concerning Taiwan judicial systems and prosecutors...  attacks last ...  
backup sites: , if needed, 11-22-2018



pic. Taiwan's president Tsai promised to clarify the operations of white terror in Taiwan (釐清白色恐怖運作)
       This site urges :
       (1) The clarification is not clear enough, if only keeping one eye open on those happened 1947 ~ 1987.  
       (2) White Terror should include state violence, political persecutions ... - like those in Western world.
       (3) Open to public all the evil crimes and the whole picture !




pic. Federation Cartoonists Organisations sent me at May 11, 2018  the cartoon for freedom of press in S. America.  
       Pls. concern all the damages to freedom of expression around the world.


  Coming in the near future      under construction
















  high tech. torture exposed here